Residential Electrical Services

We carry LED lighting products that supply bright, warm light and use about 75% less energy than regular light bulbs, produce less heat, and last 10 times longer. Whether you are interested in new construction, remodeling or just a service upgrade, we offer many options and services such as:

  • Home electrical design

  • Smart homes/home automation

  • Home generator systems, both whole house and portable

  • Data and communication

  • CO detectors

  • Installation of Ceiling fans and fixtures

  • Replacing overhead lines

  • Service upgrades

  • Maintenance

  • Landscape lighting/decorating/dimmers/timers/yard lights

One of our professionals can help you with any questions you may have regarding costs and project time involved.

Repairs & Service Upgrades

Many older homes do not have the capacity to handle today’s high powered devices. A steady increase of high powered appliances can mean that the electrical systems in many older homes can easily become overloaded. An electrical upgrade helps to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your energy needs and protect your family and property. Your insurance company may require that you do a service upgrade from fuses to breakers. We can help you determine if your home’s electrical system is in compliance with the most up-to- date codes and make all the necessary changes. Many older homes have only two prong outlets (non-grounded) or do not have GFCI protection in their bathrooms; we can help with these and other code violations. Are you installing a hot tub or A/C unit? We can help you determine if your service is sized to handle these loads.

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can enhance your residential outdoor experience and be practical at the same time. You can use outdoor lighting to create safe and secure pathways, stairs, decks, patios, driveways, and yards for homes, garages, and carports. It can also be used as a decorative accent for landscaping, lawns, foliage, gardens and to light social areas. Meyers Electric can help you create a lighting system to meet all of your needs and tailored to your request.

Lights can be installed on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting. Our connectors, fittings and bulbs are all heavy duty as well as water and weatherproof. The low voltage lighting we use has several money saving advantages.

We offer the following outdoor lighting options that can be appreciated from both the inside and outside of the home:

  • Accent lighting

  • Timers

  • Photo cells

  • Motion detectors

Outdoor lighting creates a wonderful balance of form and function, because it not only provides a touch of class and charm, but it also allows people to feel safe and secure. Whether you enjoy relaxing on your deck or patio on warm summer nights or looking at the snow-covered landscape in the winter, outdoor lighting is the perfect choice. The bottom line is that outdoor lighting is great for entertaining and it makes people feel welcome and safe.

Residential Indoor Lighting

Updating light fixtures in a home or office is an excellent way to reduce household costs and save energy while at the same time improving upon your home lighting design. We offer LED options for residential indoor lighting; the potentials are limited only by your imagination. If remodeling, building a new home, or just updating the look of a room – we can provide you with:

  • Recessed cans

  • LED lighting

  • Ambient lighting

  • Accent lighting

  • Decorative lighting

  • Bath and shower lighting

  • Under cabinet lighting

  • Task lighting

  • Dimmers

  • Night/path lights--Mirror strip lights

Circuit breaker replacement – as electrical devices become more advanced, our homes must adapt to keep up. Many home electrical systems do not have the capacity to support this growing need. Think about it…you use the water heater, hair dryer, refrigerator, coffee make, toaster, computer, sprinkler system, air conditioner in one day, sometimes all at once! And the list goes on. In many cases, the best option to prevent a potential overload is circuit breaker replacement by one of our qualified electricians.

Call us today to find out what an electrical circuit overload is and how it can be prevented to enhance your family’s safety. This will help keep your home safe from electric shock and fire when your home is functioning at full capacity, while being supplied with the full electrical support it needs.

Your home may need to be updated and properly powered with sufficient outlets and new circuit breakers if you have or have ever experienced any of the following:

  • Inadequate wiring

  • Problems with tripping breakers

  • Lights dimming

  • Electronic devices damaged due to voltage drops when several electrical appliances are turned on at once.

In the average home, lighting accounts for about 20% of the electrical bill. If you are planning on investing your time and money to build, remodel or upgrade a home for your family, calling Meyers Electric should be an easy decision for you. We would be happy to provide you with an estimate that should work with your budget.