We offer a wide range of commercial electric services.

Commercial Services

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Generators

  • Repairs and Service Upgrades

  • Private Cable Location and Fault Finding

  • Trenching and Digging

  • Overhead/Bucket Truck

  • Design build, new construction and remodels

  • Athletic and sports field lighting

  • Troubleshooting

  • Lighting renovations

  • 45 foot bucket truck service

  • Code corrections

  • Upgrades

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting generally means using different colors, designs and light intensities. Outdoor lighting can be both practical and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Meyers Electric can help with:

Parking lot lighting, which is an investment that every successful business needs to consider on every level, whether an upgrade or new construction. These lights are very important to your business because they increase luminosity for security and safety.

They also add a decorative touch to your lot that compliments the architecture and landscaping of the property. It is both utilitarian and ornamental. Meyers Electric can supply you with outdoor lighting that will give your business the exact beam spread it needs to provide positive results and can choose the proper lighting temperature to allow the lights to burn with optimal safety and maximum energy saving life, which saves your business money.

  • Wall packs

  • Flood lights

  • Façade lighting

  • Signage lighting

  • Garage and canopy lighting

Commercial Interior Lighting

In today’s struggling economy, your business can’t afford to waste money. Every commercial lighting project demands lighting that matches your particular needs and your specific budget. Meyers Electric can examine your lighting needs and produce a solution that fits the time frame, budget and property. From A-Z, we can handle everything from design through installation.

When you are determining the types of lights you need for your business, the placement of those lights will be just as important. There is the practical nature of wall pack security lighting and the decorative aspects to consider. A well planned light design can make the workplace an enjoyable spot for your employees to boost morale and increase work productivity; as well as provide a more welcoming environment for consumers to be present in, which keeps them in a happier state of mind while they spend their time and money in your establishment.

Meyers Electric offers many options for commercial interior lighting in LED.