Meyers Electric furnishes and installs generators and transfer switches for emergency back up during thunderstorms, snow and ice storms, power outages, or any other utility outage.

We make sure each generator is designed and tailored to fit the purpose it is to serve. We can help you to create a backup power system for your home that would include a generator and manual transfer switch that is easy on anyone’s budget. This system would generate enough power for a refrigerator, sump pump, furnace fan, and a few lights.

You can have the convenience of your own on site personal power plant that will supply electricity to the majority of your house. These all-weather appliances are installed outside and wired through an automatic transfer switch to the main electrical panel. When the power goes out, there is a slight delay of 15-20 seconds, then the generator automatically kicks on – whether you are home or not – and continues running until the power is restored.

We provide and install generators. Generators are power plants that run on natural gas or propane and can supply electricity to the majority of your house depending on the size.

Small generators may be great for certain situations, but they generally do not provide enough power for anything substantial. Emergency generators for home use should be capable of supplying at least 6000 watts of useable electricity in order to be effective. This will allow the generator to power a few important appliances such as your refrigerator and television, but will not be strong enough to power everything in the home.

If you want to be able to provide power to your entire home during a power outage, a large standby generator is highly recommended. These machines are normally connected directly to your home’s electrical system and are switched on when the power goes down.

We will help with:
  • Sizing a generator for your needs (wattage, voltage, capacity, fuel type, efficiency, noise level, speed, & hook-up needed)
  • Standby – For use in the home or office and also available for commercial & industrial needs
  • Maintenance of an existing system
  • Upgrades and service